Markham Rollins knew that hard work paid off. Over the course of 40 years, he successfully established and expanded The Rollins Agency, his family’s insurance business, eventually selling the company to Brown & Brown, the sixth largest insurance broker on the planet. He guided the company through the acquisition and served an additional five years before retiring.

When he decided to end his career as a high-ranking executive, he was left asking an unanswered question: What does life look like after retirement when you’ve spent your life building a successful career?

Through purpose-driven practice, personal training, and self-reflection, he navigated a post-retirement world that expected retirees to abandon their drive at the ends of their careers. He knew that he wanted to do more with his life beyond his career—and he did. Now, he’s ready to share it.

Markham Rollins is dedicated to developing meaningful, transformational journeys for career-oriented professionals when they’re facing—or anticipating—retirement. He serves as a guide for successful individuals who, up until now, have built their identity around their business and professional successes.

He brings his exceptional leadership skills, his amiable nature, and his innate ability to inspire and transform to lead post-profession individuals on a new kind of journey—one exploring a meaningful, impactful life after business success.